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Dr.Apeksha Sharma MDGOB
Dr.Shilpa MDGOB
Dr.Asif Haneef MDOrthopedics
Dr.Gautham Chakravarthy MDSurgery
Dr.B.Vijay kiran MDGeneral Medicine
Dr.Murali Bharadwaj MDGeneral Medicine
Dr.Chandrasekhar MDENT
Dr.Srikrishna MDSPM
Dr.Raja Ratna Thangavel MDOphthalmology
Dr.Prashath MDForensic Medicine
Dr.Udayasri B MDMicrobiology
Dr.Shailender MDPharmacology
Dr.Vardendra kulkarni MDPathology
Dr.Bari Siddiq MDBio chemistry
Dr.Muralidhar Reddy MDAnatomy


First Year MBBS Exam
12 Day  Crash Course


Date Subject
Jun-11 Anatomy
Jun-23 Anatomy
Jun-24 Anatomy
Jun-25 Anatomy
Jun-26 Physiology
Jul-02 Physiology
Jul-09 Physiology
Jul-16 Biochemistry
Jul-23 Biochemistry
Jul-30 Biochemistry

Second Year MBBS Exam
13 Day  Crash Course


Date Subject
Jul-02 Pathology
Jul-09 Pathology
Jul-16 Pathology
Jul-23 Pharmacology
Jul-30 Pharmacology
Aug-06 Pharmacology
Aug-13 Pharmacology
Aug-20 Microbiology
Aug-27 Microbiology
Sep-03 Microbiology
Sep-10 Microbiology
Sep-24 Forensic Medicine
Oct-01 Forensic Medicine

Final MBBS Part 1 Exam
10 Day Crash Course


Date Subject
Aug-06 Ophthalmology
Aug-13 Ophthalmology
Aug-20 Ophthalmology
Aug-27 SPM
Sep-03 SPM
Sep-10 SPM
Sep-24 SPM
Oct-01 ENT
Oct-08 ENT
Oct-15 ENT

Final MBBS Part 2 Exam
22 Day Crash Course


Date Subject
Jul-02 General Medicine
Jul-09 General Medicine
Jul-16 General Medicine
Jul-23 General Medicine
Jul-30 General Medicine
Aug-06 Surgery
Aug-13 Surgery
Aug-14 Surgery
Aug-15 Surgery
Aug-20 Gynecology Obstetrics
Aug-27 Gynecology Obstetrics
Sep-03 Gynecology Obstetrics
Sep-10 Orthopedics
Sep-17 Orthopedics
Sep-24 Paediatrics
Sep-28 Paediatrics
Sep-29 Medicine Clinical Cases
Oct-01 Medicine Clinical Cases
Oct-02 Surgery Clinical Cases
Oct-08 Surgery Clinical Cases
Oct-15 GOB Clinical cases
Oct-22 GOB Clinical cases

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  • “Every Subject in MBBS has 400 most High yield Topics frequently tested in Exam , reading them with clear logic and understanding boosts confidence to face MBBS Exams”

    Case discussion, Viva Voce Hot questions , 5 must know points on each topic for MBBS Exams  are taught by Best teachers in uMedico classes

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uMedico MBBS prep Classes are set over 10-14 days of ground-breaking tutorials for exam going students

Read 25% and Score 75% in MBBS Exams with fast track revision of most tested High yeild topics in exam . Best Medical teachers across India passionate to revise your subject shall equip you with confidence to face MBBS Exams in a short duration of 100 hours Face2Face Classes . Also you get Video Lectures of Session available on uMedico App for revision.

  • 9 am – 11 am Session 1 – 25 Topics revision
  • 11 am – 11 : 30 am Coffee Break
  • 11:30 am – 1:30 pm Session 2 – 25 Topics revision
  • 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Lunch Break
  • 2:30 pm – 4 pm Session 3 – 20 Topics revision
  • 4 pm – 4:15 pm Coffee Break
  • 4:15 pm – 6 pm Session 4 – 25 Topics revision

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Lecture Notes given with these MBBS Exam Crash Course Classes

Medical Notes is available on uMedico App to which access is given.

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I’d like to purchase tickets for 20 members, is there bulk pricing?

Sure, we offer 25% discount on Bulk purchase of 20 Students . Please call our helpline number +91 9000868356 for details.

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Can I access these Live streaming classes from Home if I cannot attend Face2Face classes ?

Yes , we give you Web URL for you to access the Live classes from Mobile Smartphone or Web

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Can I revise MBBS Exam Crash Course Video Lectures later for revision ?

Video Lectures are made available on uMedico App Video Tutorials and we give free access to enrolled students to revise them.

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